“I love calligraphy, and it is my pleasure to assist my clients to transform their celebrations into unforgettable lifetime events.”

Marcia Frassato

Calligrapher, Visual Artist and Painter


Serving Toronto for years, I have been using this art of writing to lend importance and elegance for awards and special events like wedding invitations, special occasions writing, poems and diplomas. In the current world where the growth of information technology is unprecedented, printing presses and computers have overtaken the art of beautiful handwriting, and the art of calligraphy seems to become a vital anchor. Indeed, your guests, friends, and loved ones will enjoy receiving handwritten calligraphy creations; that will confer great value to your notes, invitations and gift tags.

Currently, the excessive reliance on technology and the mechanistic perfections it creates has helped, paradoxically, the tactile art of calligraphy to become highly valued. 

With my experience, I am sure that you will enjoy the result of my artistic work as a Calligrapher adorning with beautifully handcrafted art for your special events, such as wedding invitations, gift tags, diplomas or notes.

Marcia Frassato